Reforestación nativa con aportes en compras

Who we are

Our vision

We invite you to become a part of this project that aims to care for the environment and look good while doing it. Join the upcycling movement and sustainable fashion with Bonoboss. For centuries, the accessories industry and large corporations have been damaging the world. The demand for natural resources continues to grow, and few companies pay attention to this issue. At Bonoboss, we understand that we won't save the world overnight as a small company, but we believe that every little bit matters.

We founded Bonoboss in 2012 because the prices of sunglasses were excessively high, and we wanted to create sustainable accessories of better quality at lower prices that also contribute to the environment. Since then, we've inspired individuals like you to connect more with nature and prefer sustainable business models.

If you ever own a Bonoboss product and it breaks, you don't have to throw it away. The truth is, we care about ensuring that every accessory we make is recycled or properly recovered. You can bring it to our store or send it to us for recycling, or you can simply have it repaired at our technical service. Our team will be happy to support you and reward you!

proyecto edén, reforestación nativa por compras en bonoboss

do good program

our story

A modest university venture came to life in 2012, yet it did not happen overnight. The journey was considerably arduous; we took part in numerous design and entrepreneurial fairs, pop ups and beachfront stores by our own hands to promote Bonoboss during the summer. Now a days, Bonoboss is retailed within Chile through Jewelry stores, Opticians, and accessory boutiques. Abroad, it has found its way to countries such as Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, New Caledonia, among others.

Our Mission

One of our aspirations is to turn into a brand where 100% of our products engage in upcycling and circular economy practices with the intention that no one remains excluded – including you. Our ultimate goal is to transition towards ensuring that all our accessories are manufactured utilizing sustainable and biodegradable materials.

our materials

Sunglasses, optical frames, wallets, watches, and other accessories crafted from sustainable materials. Cork, wood, paper, recycled plastic bottles, and nylon are resources derived through sustainable sourcing. Furthermore, the incorporation of treatments and technologies in these materials aids us in delivering exceptional quality and durability.

you want to sell bonoboss in your store?

We are seeking key partners, clients, and distributors who wish to offer Bonoboss products to their customers, thereby aiding us in introducing this domestically potent brand to individuals. Reach out to us here so we can chat!

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