Get to know the cotton acetate used in the construction of Bonoboss lenses and frames

Here we will show you 2 things. The first how to straighten your acetate or cotton fiber lenses and then a video about the manufacture and properties of the material.

We know how important it is to choose your next pair of glasses very well, it is important to know about the materials, most are made of metal or plastic but this greatly limits the design and colors.

At Bonoboss we are aware of this, and that is why we use 100% biodegradable cotton acetate to manufacture frames and polarized sunglasses.

Cotton acetate is a vegetable plastic that is hypoallergenic. It was first used in the late 1940s as the previously used plastics were brittle and not durable enough.

If your acetate or cotton fiber lenses are crooked, you can carefully follow the instructions in this video. It is important that you do it gently and little by little.

Cotton acetate is a non-petroleum based plastic. It is made of natural cotton and wood fibers. While petroleum products can be more expensive and harmful to the environment, cellulose acetate is made from renewable materials. Cellulose acetate for eyeglasses is made by layering into large blocks. Individual parts are then carefully cut, polished by hand, and finally assembled to form a frame.

Do you want to see how it is manufactured step by step? Look at this video!

The main difference is durability. Acetate sunglasses or optical frames are much more durable than standard plastic. The acetate blocks that are used are rich in colors and design, the reason is that many times and depending on the brand, these blocks are colored by hand and in artisanal processes.

Some of which even have embedded patterns. While standard plastic is produced by injection and must be spray-painted to achieve patterns or shine, they also tend to break more easily.

There you have it: cotton acetate is the highest quality plastic material for glasses and is used by major world-renowned brands to manufacture their sunglasses and optical frames.

At Bonoboss we have a collection of sunglasses and optical frames based on cotton acetate for men and women, which combine protection, quality and durability in an iconic product in the world of accessories.

And what are you waiting for to join the revolution of sustainable accessories?

Get to know the Bonoboss Cotton Fiber collection at this link

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