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Aukan Bike Polarized

SKU: LE631001D21 Aukan Bike Gray

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One of our Bonoboss Classics. Aukan Polarized is a lightweight and comfortable polarized sunglass. They actually float in the water. These sunglasses are crafted from sustainable sourced zebrawood temples. Built in with spring hinges for a natural fit. Limited Edition Designed in Chile.

Polarized lenses are different from mirror lenses. Polarized effect helps to avoid reflections of light in water or metallic surfaces, delivering a clear view to enjoy your outdoor activities or just relax your eyes at driving. These lenses are polarized non mirror.



Diámetro Cristales 50mm
Puente (Nariz) 17mm
Altura 36mm
Ancho 136mm
Largo Varilla 140mm

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