Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Transactions carried out through Bonoboss.com are subject to these Terms and Conditions, as well as current Chilean Legislation, in particular Law No. 19,496 on the Protection of Consumer Rights and the Law No. 19,628 on Protection of Private Life. It is a requirement to buy at Bonoboss.com the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions described below.

Bonoboss products can only be purchased by people over 18 years of age (adults), using any of the electronic payment methods available on the site. If you are under 18 years of age, you can use this site only through your parents or legal representative.

security and privacy

All the information you give us is used only for promotional and/or informative purposes, This information is not given to third parties for any reason, for more information check our Privacy Policy.

We may request information from users or clients regarding their name, email address, telephone number. We assure you, that these data will not be handled by any company that does not belong to Bonoboss® and will be treated confidentially, in accordance with the provisions of current Chilean Legislation and exclusively used to process the purchase, shipping and sending advertising about offers and promotions.

The client registered at Bonoboss.com will have the right to request information on their registered personal data and order the rectification, elimination and/or cancellation of these data when they deem it appropriate, in accordance with Chilean Law No. 19,628. To exercise these rights, the client may send an email to contacto@bonoboss.cl.

Right of Withdrawal

The customer can return a product purchased at Bonoboss.com within a period of 20 days counted from the reception, without the need to invoke any cause and as long as the product has not been damaged by an event attributable to the customer.

To exercise this right, the customer must present the product at any Bonoboss store or contact sac@bonoboss.cl. Likewise, you must accompany the original Invoice and return the product in good conditions, with the original packaging, such as labels, guarantee certificates, user manuals, boxes, protection elements and all their accessories or pay their respective value, previously informed.

In the case of products purchased in promotion, the return of all of them will be required, not with standing, that the withdrawal is made only with respect to one of them.

The client must assume the costs of shipping the product to our warehouses.

The refund of money is made centrally, the payment will be made within a period of 5 to 15 business days from the reception of the product in the store or warehouse. No refunds are made in stores

If the conditions outlined above are not accomplished, the Client will not be able to enjoy the aforementioned benefit.

Legal guarantee

In the event that a product purchased at Bonoboss.com presents faults or manufacturing defects, does not have the technical characteristics reported, or has been shipped damaged or incomplete, the customer will have the right to choose, within 3 months of receipt, by any of the following alternatives:

a) Free repair of the product;

b) Replacement or exchange of the product prior restitution of the same; either

c) Refund of the amount paid after restitution of the product.

To exercise this right, the customer must present the product, along with any document proving the purchase, at a Bonoboss point of sale (Drugstore, Costanera Center).

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, it will be considered that there is a fault or defect:

a) When products subject to mandatory safety or quality standards do not meet the corresponding specifications;

b) When the materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances or ingredients that constitute or integrate the products do not correspond to the specifications that they hold or to the mentions of the labeling;

c) When any product, due to deficiencies in manufacturing, processing, materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances, ingredients, structure, quality or sanitary conditions, as the case may be, is not entirely suitable for the use or consumption for which it is intended or to which the supplier had indicated in its advertising;

d) When the supplier and consumer have agreed that the contracted products must meet certain specifications and this does not occur;

e) When after the first time the guarantee has been made effective and the corresponding technical service has been provided, the deficiencies that make the good unsuitable for the use or consumption referred to in letter c) above persist. This right will subsist in the event of a deficiency other than the one that was the object of the technical service, or if it occurs again, within a period of 3 months from the receipt of the product.

f) When the object of the contract has defects or hidden defects that make it impossible to use it for which it is normally intended;

In the case of money back, the payment will be made to the bank account that you indicate, within a period of 5 business days from the receipt of the product in the store or warehouse. No refunds are made in stores.

For the purposes of the provisions of this section, it will be considered that a single asset is one that has been sold as a whole, even if it is made up of different units, parts, pieces or modules, notwithstanding that these may or may not provide a utility in the form of independent of each other. Notwithstanding this, in the case of the replacement of the product, this may be carried out with respect to a unit, part, piece or module, provided that it is for another equal to the one that is restored.

Returns & Exchanges

In addition to the right of legal guarantee and the right of withdrawal contemplated above, Bonoboss grants a special benefit to its clients consisting of the possibility of changing a product, without expression of cause.

In the case of the change of a product (that is, the delivery of the product in exchange for another good), customers may exercise this benefit within a period of 30 days from the date of their receipt or invoice, this only applies to retail sales. and not for wholesalers.

The exchange benefit may be exercised as long as it is about products that do not present faults or deficiencies to which the legal guarantee applies, and as long as the product is new and unused, in perfect condition and in its original packaging.

To exercise this benefit, the client must present the product, along with their receipt or invoice, at a Bonoboss point of sale (Drugstore, Costanera Center). In the case of products purchased on promotion, the delivery of all of them will be required, without prejudice to the fact that the change is made only with respect to one of them.

The associated shipping costs must be paid by the customer. Merchandise received after 30 days will be subject to evaluation by the Bonoboss.com team.

Payments, prices and promotions

All payments with credit cards, RedCompra or commercial house cards are made through Mercadopago, who process the payment through WebPay. Bonoboss does not store any type of credit card information. Therefore, money returns are processed through the same payment system used by the client, in this case Mercadopago, adhering to the return conditions of said company.

In the event that the price of a product, due to an involuntary error by Bonoboss.com, is published at a value much lower than its cost (for example, sale price $0, $1, $10, $100, etc.), the company reserves the right to void the transaction.

In the case of automatic discounts or discount coupons, these will be deactivated during special discount dates, such as Cyberday, Black Friday, among others.

Bonoboss® reserves the right to cancel a purchase order as a result of possible fraud or misuse of benefits provided to customers.