Since 2012, Bonoboss® has designed and manufactured accessories from wood and noble materials. During the beginning of the brand, the main motivation was to deliver high-quality products and a good experience for users at an affordable price.

Since then, Bonoboss® has developed different lines of accessories and has also participated in exhibitions, design fairs, music festivals, events, etc.

Today the Bonoboss® brand is marketed in Chile in jewelry stores, opticians and souvenir or gift stores, and abroad in countries such as Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, New Caledonia, among others.

Company information

Bonoboss® is a registered trademark of Sociedad Etrading Chile Ltda
RUT: 76.085.147-7
Points of Sales: Bonoboss®

Legal representative

Cristobal Silva Denmark
Office: O'Higgins #680 Of. 223 in Concepción, Concepción