We want to plant more than 1,000,000 trees

Bonoboss was born at the end of 2011, as a university venture that sought to create a brand with a social contribution, which would reduce the impact on nature of the accessories industry. That is why we look for foundations and institutions that have a social impact to support them.

In its beginnings, we allocate part of our profits to support the COALIVI Corporation for Assistance to the Visually Impaired. in Concepción, for the construction of a new building, since the 27-F earthquake had destroyed part of its premises, you can read more about the original project at this link . This year, thanks to the support of many companies, COALIVI managed to inaugurate its new building and will be able to help more people with visual disabilities to reintegrate into their lives with greater faculties.

CAOLIVI The photograph shows the ribbon cutting in which members of the COALIVI board of directors participated, along with regional authorities and special guests.

Since 2015, we began the search for reforestation on our planet, we tirelessly contacted many foundations that were dedicated to the reforestation of native species in Chile...

But we never managed to reach an agreement that could be focused more on reforestation than on your company or foundation itself...

They even stood us up on some occasions 🌴... even though this can be very frustrating and demotivating, we didn't stop looking...

In 2017 we contacted the largest forestry corporation in the country, we sent many emails but we had no response either, we even scheduled meetings under the lobbying law and they did not take us into account...

That is why this year 2019 we have started with a different look, we want to support communities that live in extreme poverty, a poverty that we as people do not even imagine exists, giving them work, food and education.

We are publishing this article so that other entrepreneurs, other brands, other corporations, also add the social contribution to their brand vision, because it is necessary, and not necessarily with large corporations or foundations, but with small communities that really need it.

We are working together with a small foundation to reforest part of Africa, different places and types of trees, mostly native species, when we think about this our hearts fill and we begin to hear the sound of nature, the birds sing, the sound of the leaves by the wind, the ecosystem forming again where it existed before but was deforested by the hand of man.

Every order we receive at Bonoboss.com will be financing 5 trees to be planted, and that communities in extreme poverty can receive jobs.

On the other hand, we are helping that there is a recycling of plastic bottles, which also helps the environment a lot, all the seeds, from the nurseries (also created by these small communities) are planted in plastic bottles that come from recycling the same municipalities.

It is a very nice cycle and process and we want you to know that there are businesses and small brands in the world that seek to do things in a different way.

Let's give back to our planet, more than what it has given us, so that future generations, our grandchildren or nephews, can also enjoy nature as we have done during our lives.

When we manage to plant 1 million trees, our goal will be to get every person in Chile to plant one, so we can plant more than 17 million in our lifetime. It's a dream, but it's not impossible.

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