Tips to keep the lenses of your glasses clean

The lenses of your glasses are one of the most important things that you must keep clean, in order to make your glasses last for as long as possible.

In this post we leave you some tips for cleaning and maintenance, so they can last you, hopefully a lifetime. If for some reason they are scratched, we can change the lenses so that they look like new again, for this you can send us a photo of the glasses to our WhatsApp and thus be able to quote it by clicking here

TIP #1
If you go to a place where dust rises, to the beach or they are sweaty, we recommend putting them under a stream of cold water as soon as possible to remove any particles that could scratch them. This is little known and extremely important to keep them looking like new.

TIP #2
Before cleaning, you should consider that if there are microparticles on the glass and you clean it dry, it is very likely that they will scratch it, always use cleaning liquid, or put them under cold water.

TIP #3
After removing the particles that could damage the glasses, you can clean the crystals as we show you in this video. It is important that you then keep them inside a microfiber bag to take care of them.
At Bonoboss we want your glasses to last as long as possible. We have spare parts for some parts of the glasses and will repair them if we can.

Share this post with your friends, regardless of the brand they are, it is important to take care of them or repair your glasses to avoid generating more waste on our planet.

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