How to know if your sunglasses are polarized or not?

Unfortunately there are times when the specifications of the manufacturers or sellers are not true, many times people buy their sunglasses to get out of trouble, and not to protect themselves from UV rays or to improve their vision when in contact with the sun, We must bear in mind that sunglasses are much more than an accessory to be fashionable.

Choose the sunglasses with polarized and UV400 filter that best suit your face type. If you want to learn how to choose according to your glasses according to your face type, see this link

It is important to note that the polarized has nothing to do with the color of the glass nor is it related to UV protection. The polarized filter affects the way light rays reach our eyes, avoiding causing the sensation of strong flashes and discomfort.

When the sun bounces off surfaces that produce reflections (cement, metals, water or snow) it reaches our eyes practically in 360º, the function of lenses with polarized filters is to block this light vectorially so that it does not bother you when it reaches your eyes.

Think of polarized as a rain of horizontal lines that block the passage of light, if you put two lenses in opposition and the lines are at 60º ± 90º they will block all the light that penetrates, that is, you will not see to the other side.

Now we want to teach you how to identify if your lenses are polarized or not, in a very simple way in your own home. Today we will show you two ways to identify them very easily:

1.- With a computer or television screen

First you must place your lenses in a horizontal position as seen in the image. And then rotate them as seen in the figure from the horizontal position to 60º to 90º. If the glass turns blacker than usual and does not allow you to see the other side, then your glasses are polarized!

Note: The crystals that include the polarized one darken blocking the light.

2.- With other polarized sunglasses

If you have two sunglasses in hand, and they are both polarized, then we can do this test. You must place both lenses in a horizontal position as shown in the figure and then turn one of them between 60º and 90º, if the passage of light is blocked and you do not see anything to the other side, then the two lenses are polarized!

Now that you know the acid tests that professionals use to test polarized sunglasses with simple tools, we challenge you to test your sunglasses and those of your friends and teach them to be sure of what they buy. 😎!

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