How to correctly choose your Online lenses?

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We know that the offer of glasses for men and women today is enormous, hundreds of models and designs can be found online in more than 1,000 different internet pages. The problem is that every time we like one and want to buy it, we don't know if it will really look good on us, if they will be small or very big, if the photo they show in the store is really the photo of the real product or if our eyebrows will be seen when we put on the glasses, sometimes we even ask ourselves the question about whether the material is really durable or not. Well, at Bonoboss we are aware of this and today we want to help you solve these doubts with some tips so that you can buy your glasses digitally in the store of your choice.

We have created and published this guide because we want to help you make a more assertive purchase decision and because we know that many times your time is scarce, to spend 3 hours in a shopping center choosing and looking for your perfect glasses.

1) Identify your face shape:

Glasses today exist in different shapes, colors and sizes, in this section we will review how to identify your face shape and then choose the shape of glasses that best suits your personality. For this we have developed this guide

2) Identify the lenses that best suit your face shape

All people are unique and each face shape is special, not all glasses shapes fit your face shape, perhaps you have already experienced this when you try on glasses. In this section we will show you how to save time and ensure that the glasses you buy fit your face shape well.

3) Compare the size of your current glasses with the ones you want to buy or measure your own face:

In this section we will show you the final step, after knowing what your face type is and knowing the frame shape that best fits your face, you must make sure that the size is correct.

For most people the standard size is the most suitable, however it is better to do the acid test before making the decision.

If these are your first glasses consider either of these two options to determine your ideal size

A) The card method

B) The comparison method

Most of the recognized brands in the market, or those that have a presence in opticians, include the size of their glasses inside the rods. These numbers indicate the size of the crystals and the bridge expressed in millimeters.

To make a decision on the size of the glasses, you can compare the numbers on the inside of the temples with the size specified by the manufacturer on the website where you are choosing your next glasses.

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