Learn how to clean cork wallets and accessories

We believe that many people wonder how to clean cork products. Luckily, these products have been improving a lot over time, especially our Bonoboss premium cork development, giving finishes so that the cork does not get dirty so easily, even so if you have a cork product that you use very frequently and you see that with the passage of time begins to get a little dirty, we are going to tell you how to keep it like the first day.

For cleaning we need:

-Warm water

– A soft or ultra soft toothbrush

– Ideally white liquid natural soap

The cleaning process is easy and fast. First, we apply the soap moistened with warm water on the product. Once spread, we dip the brush in the water and brush carefully without too much force so as not to damage the cork product. It is important that the toothbrush is soft or ultra soft so that you do not damage the cork.

Once the soap has been removed, we rinse the cork product with cold water and check the result. If necessary, we repeat the whole process: spread the soap, brush and rinse with cold water.

We put the product to dry and wait for it to dry completely, including the linings, if any.

Doubts and fears:

Can the cork get wet? perfectly. Remember that one of its qualities is impermeability. We have even manufactured cork umbrellas (which repel water) and the best closure for wine is the cork stopper, precisely for that reason. No problem getting it wet.

Do you doubt which soap to use? We recommend white soap or a natural and ecological soap. We recommend using a natural soap for best results that does not contain exfoliants or other particles that can damage the material.

You already know how to clean cork products. What are you waiting to try it?

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