Bonoboss Children's Glasses

Bonoboss children's frames and sunglasses for boys and girls are made of an ultra-flexible and resistant material, with hinges that open 180º. We designed this collection of children's glasses in this way, because we know that these will most likely be their first glasses and they must be extremely durable.

Below we leave you 3 videos, the first shows the resistance of children's lenses, the second the UV400 test for the 3 types of glasses we use and the last one how to properly clean glasses when they are very dirty.

It is important that you know that children's eyes do not filter blue light or UV rays like adult eyes. This is why it is extremely important to protect your eyes, with glasses of any brand, but with UV protection.

On the other hand, if children spend a lot of time in front of screens, it is recommended to filter blue light with neutral rest glasses to prevent them from damaging their eyes.

If the lenses of the children's collection get scratched, don't worry, we can change them so that your glasses can look practically new, like the first day you received them. We have renewal of sunglasses and rest lenses with blue light filter for children and adults. For this you can write to our Whatsapp and send us a photo of the frame to quote the change of glass by clicking here.

To go to the collection of children's sunglasses and frames with rest lenses and blue light filters , click here.

In this video you can see the test of the material and below we show you the test of the UV400 filter of our glasses and how to clean the lenses to remove the grease correctly.

UV400 test for all our types of glass

Learn here how to clean the lenses of glasses, remember to put them under cold water before applying soap to remove all the grease from the lenses. This will help remove micro particles and prevent scratches on the crystals.

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