The Secret Behind RFID Wallets

We will tell you in this post, how proximity credit cards work, and the anti-theft system of wallets that block the card signal.

Cards today, and also some cell phones, incorporate short radio frequency systems to be able to transmit information contained in them.
In the case of cards, they transmit the data to be able to make payments, including cards to enter metro stations have this system.
There are people who go by with a machine and copy the information of all the cards present in wallets or purses, which is why it is important, especially today, to have wallets, of whatever brand they are, that protect the cloning and information of your cards.
In order for the wallets to be safe and the information on your cards is not cloned or stolen, they must incorporate an RFID system blocking system. The truth is that this is very simple, in 2016 when we launched these wallets, we incorporated a FILM between the different cork fabrics that we use to make our wallets, which blocks the proximity signal, in this way we avoid cloning the cards, and we help our users to live a more secure life, maintaining the style and exclusive design that Bonoboss cork wallets deliver.

Now that you know this information, we invite you to make your next wallet have this technology so that you take care of what you earn or receive every day with so much effort.

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